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  • “If you are having any health issues, then go have a consult with Michael Norris. Through Michael's knowledge and treatments, I am healthier and stronger now than I was, and for a 61-year-old, that is great!” – A.G.
  • “I am feeling so much better. Thinking of how I had no relief with so many complications on conventional medicine, makes me sad that I endured so much for so long before trying Chinese medicine.” – P.W.
  • “I am pain-free and feel 100% better. If you are having any health issues, I would seek medical attention and rule out any life-threatening consequences, and then go have a consult with Michael Norris.” – M.W.

Knoxville Practice Offering Treatment Through Alternative Medicine

The body has amazing powers to heal itself, but to get well, we must listen to it and work in harmony with what it needs. It also helps to have access to an accredited and compassionate health practitioner. Since 1999, our alternative medicine center has combined the ancient wisdom of Eastern cultures with modern Western holistic techniques to offer our patients the best care possible. By means of herbal remedies, acupuncture treatment, exercise counseling and nutrition planning, Deep River Wellness Center has helped people to attain better health and energy balance. Because of this, we’ve earned a superior reputation in the Knoxville area.

The Benefits of Natural Remedies

For those who have lost hope in what the commercial pharmaceutical industry has to offer, we provide an alternative. Thanks to natural therapy, we’ve seen people suffering from stress and depression find lasting relief. With the assistance of Eastern medicine, people with neck pain, back issues and sports injuries have been able to heal and resume following their passions. We’ve even seen chronic issues such as allergies, sinus problems, autoimmune disorders and migraines disappear completely. You may have tried other proposed solutions without success, or perhaps you’re dealing with a condition that has not yet been diagnosed. In any case, alternative medicine works and can be an effective way to treat many ailments.

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Outstanding Care for Patients in Knoxville, Halls, & Beyond

Are you ready to take action to tackle a persistent health problem and feel better? We’re standing by with the knowledge and techniques to assist you. Our holistic approach to wellness includes prescribing natural products such as teas, powders, fresh herbs and pills. Our practitioner, Michael Norris, serves patients from Halls and the surrounding areas. You can reach our Knoxville office by calling 865-687-6452.

  • “This has done wonders for my lower back and my ankle! After many years of playing football, it is awesome to finally have relief from my old football injuries!” – Patrick Francisco
  • “Acupuncture is making a difference in my headaches. I literally enjoy every treatment. Gives me peace. Good time to pray. The herbs help in a wonderful way. – Wayne B. Grimes”
  • “My doctor cannot believe how much progress I have made. I continue to use Michael's services and am grateful to have found not only a caring healer but also a true friend and guide.” – Jodie, Sevierville, TN
  • “I started with visits two or three times a week and the herbs Michael recommended. Gradually my cough diminished so that now it is rare.…Even more important, at age 78, I’m feeling great! Thank you, Michael!” – Judy
  • “I discovered, through Michael's suggestions of herbal treatments, the most effective and safe treatment for my painful shingles. NO MORE prescription antiviral drug needed, that had wrecked my immune system.” – A.G.