Therapy Using Traditional Chinese Medicine for Our Knoxville Patients

For more than 3,000 years, Chinese herbal medicine has been used to provide therapy for a variety of ailments. Here in Knoxville at Deep River Wellness Center, we combine medicinal herbs with acupuncture and nutrition counseling to provide our patients with a holistic form of care. Michael Norris is a master of Oriental medicine and is nationally certified. During a consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your symptoms and medical history. Michael will listen, ask questions and strive to make you feel as relaxed as possible. Our hope is that with the right treatment, you’ll be able to regain balance and energy to get more out of life.
One of the advantages of natural remedies is that there are few side effects. They also aren’t subject to the extreme price fluctuations that are common with commercial pharmaceuticals. Traditional Chinese medicine uses lotions, teas, extracts and supplements to help your body make beneficial adjustments. When patients follow the program and recommendations, the root causes of illnesses are addressed, often causing symptoms to disappear. Of course, individual factors, such as genetics, affect the results of each person’s treatment. Patients of all ages, however, can enjoy the best results if they make permanent changes in lifestyle and diet, in addition to taking part in the prescribed herbal therapy.

Improve Your Health Holistically in Knoxville

In addition to your acupuncture treatment program, Michael will design a specific combination of Chinese herbal remedies to take in powder or capsule form. We’ll only offer or recommend the highest-quality products, helping you obtain the greatest benefit. For more information about herbal medicine in Halls or to schedule your appointment, give our Knoxville clinic a call at 865-687-6452.
Chinese medicine — Wellness Center in Knoxville TN
“I discovered, through Michael's suggestions of herbal treatments, the most effective and safe treatment for my painful
shingles. NO MORE prescription antiviral drug needed, that had wrecked my immune system.”

– A.G.