Achieve Spectacular Results With Diet and Exercise Counseling in Knoxville

The industrialization of our nation has brought about an abundance of cheap, processed food. After spending nearly a century consuming an excessive amount of sugary beverages along with foods full of fat, fillers and preservatives, the results are clear. Obesity, heart disease and food allergies are more commonplace than ever before. Perhaps you want to eat and look better, but you just need an extra push. Here at Knoxville’s Deep River Wellness Center, we provide diet counseling to help people of all backgrounds get and stay on the road to living and feeling great.
No single nutrition or exercise plan works for everyone, so we’ll look closely at your health and weight goals to customize a program that helps you meet them. Without professional nutrition counseling, independent dieters often end up worsening their health, such as by trimming away at muscle tissue instead of fat. Don’t think you’ll have to give up your favorite dishes. We can build a plan for omnivores and vegetarians alike. We work with clients to help encourage healthy lifestyles through both diet and exercise. By means of exercise counseling, we’ll help you tone your body with just the right amount of regular fitness activity. Whether you prefer to stay active outdoors, at a gym or with home equipment, we’ll make sure you have the right balance of activities to result in the greatest benefit.

Serving Patients From Halls, Tennessee, & Surrounding Areas

We’re all about providing effective treatment, and we thoroughly enjoy seeing the positive results that our committed patients receive. As an Eastern medicine provider, we can also integrate Chinese herbs and acupuncture into your program to help you achieve optimum health and energy balance. Give us a call if you’re looking for a practitioner in Knoxville or Halls at 865-687-6452.
Two women and vegetables — Wellness Center in Knoxville TN
“My doctor cannot believe how much progress I have made. I continue to use Michael's services and am grateful to have
found not only a caring healer but also a true friend and guide.“

– Jodie, Sevierville, TN