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I have suffered with back pain for over 40 years due to a childhood accident. I've tried every kind of therapy and pain medication available. Surgery has been discussed on more than one occasion. I live a very active life and just don't want to give it up. After only 3 sessions with Michael, I have begun to find the relief I had hoped for. I was amazed the first morning that I woke up with no back and shoulder pain. The acupuncture and recommended herbs are making my life so much more enjoyable. Thank you Michael!

– Donna L.
I started seeing Michael about a year ago for a knee injury. I had gone to an orthopedic MD and a physical therapist. The MD suggested surgery, no thanks. The PT put me on a regimen of exercise, but it was Michael's acupuncture treatment that really got me on the road to total recovery. My knee is as good as new now! And as a bonus, I discovered thru Michael's suggestions of herbal treatments the most effective and safe treatment for my painful shingles. NO MORE prescription antiviral drug needed, that had wrecked my immune system. Thru Michael's knowledge and treatments I am healthier and stronger now than I was, and for a 61 year old, that is great!!

– A.G.
I developed severe rheumatoid arthritis almost 10 years ago. Since then I have been going to Deep River Wellness Center and working with Michael to treat my illness. I almost cannot say enough good things about Michael, but I will try to describe how much he has helped me in my journey towards health and healing.

When I first went to Deep River I had no use of my shoulders and 6 of my 10 fingers, my feet "sloshed" when I walked, I couldn't put on shoes, and I was in more pain than I thought any human being could possibly live with. I hadn't slept more than an hour at a time in months, and I was depressed beyond belief. I can remember filling out the form to fax to Michael, it showed the outline of a body and said to circle where you had pain. I think I finally circled the whole body because there really wasn't a part of me that didn't hurt.

After the first session I remember feeling alive for the first time in months. I think the best way to describe it was that I felt hope. The acupuncture treatment itself was actually relaxing. (I won't say that the herbs were easy to take at first, but you do get used to them and the do help a lot.)

I cannot say it's been simple, but I can say that every day I get closer and closer to a healthy life. I have lost almost 80 pounds and I am able to exercise. I can do this without poisoning my body or risking my health with chemotherapy or other immune-suppressing therapies. My Doctor cannot believe how much progress I have made.

I continue to use Michael's services and am grateful to have found not only a caring healer but also a true friend and guide.

– Jodie, Sevierville, TN
This has done wonders for my lower back and my ankle! After many years of playing football, it is awesome to finally have relief from my old football injuries!

– Patrick Francisco
Acupuncture is making a difference in my headaches. I literally enjoy every treatment. Gives me peace. Good time to pray. The herbs help in a wonderful way.

– Wayne B. Grimes
Michael Norris is the truest definition of a healer. I've spent my entire life with severe chronic pain and the only answers I received from doctors are more pills to take. The first treatment was all it took for his art to make an impression on me and after only one month of seeing Michael on a weekly basis I knew what it was like to actually feel my body heal itself instead of relying on pills or vices to cover up the pain. Michael Norris is my doctor and I recommend him to my friends and family before anything else. Thank you Michael!

– Jesse Johnson
I've worked w Michael for many years now and consider him to be an expert in wholistic medicine. Combining many years experience and study w a true intuitive sense of the body and mind, he is able to accurately diagnose and treat most every malady extremely effectively. With that said, the thing I love most about Michael is that although he clearly cares for his clients, he's a straight shooter and tells it like it is. For the wholistic approach to work, it's critical that each client be true to themselves to give an accurate representation of their habits and behavior, and Michael has a way of gently promoting this without judgement. If u choose to work w him, not only will you have an amazing opportunity to heal, but you'll likely get to know yourself on a much deeper level. Highly recommended

– Philip Clift
We did it! I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in July 2015. It was recommended by my family physician that I take prescription medicine to reduce my blood sugar levels. Instead, I chose to consult Michael Norris @ Deep River Wellness Center. Michael instructed me how to eat properly according to my blood type and started me on herbs to reduce my blood sugar. By following his instructions, I am extremely happy to announce that after 3 months of following this regimen, I have reduced my A1C score from 7.8 in July to 6.6 and have lost 16 pounds! I feel SO much better and am healthier than I've been in years. Thank you Michael! You are great at what you do..... I'm looking forward to getting my scores and weight even lower.. If you've been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, call and schedule an appt.. It's definitely worth your while and well-being.

– Amanda Norris-donovan
Michael is a true, whole body healer and teacher. His passion is wellness and educating his clients. Between the acupuncture treatments, herbs, and conscious eating, I no longer suffer miserable sinuses, a condition I have suffered my whole life. No more vertigo, no need for tissues, no more fear of outside triggers. It is exhilarating to be healthy. His practice is ALWAYS my first choice when I have a health issue, be it headache, IBS, etc. Thank you Michael

– Marilyn Luketic Dirkmaat
my ailments are all under control or cured thanks to deep river wellness healing with acupuncture and herbs...i have my life back...

– Valissa Lane
I can't thank Michael Norris enough for all that he has done to make me well and feeling better than I ever imagined!

– Melissa Parks
I have been bothered by chronic cough for years. I had seen and allergist, was tested, and began taking shots. Allergy symptoms improved, but the cough remained. I was diagnosed with GERD, and got that under control, but the cough remained. Finally I went to a pulmonary specialist, and was put on Prilosec, but the cough remained. I was desperate. Someone suggested that acupuncture would help and that I see Michael Norris. In May, 2013 I began treatments. I started with visits two or three times a week and the herbs Michael recommended. Gradually my cough diminished so that now it is rare.
Not only did my cough subside through Michael's treatments and herbs, but on subsequent reports from my primary care physician and from Life Line Screening (sponsored by University of Tennessee Medical Center) my good cholesterol has gone up while bad has gone down; measures for carotid artery disease have gone from moderate to mild; and measures for osteoporosis have gone from high risk to moderate risk. Even more important, at age 78, I'm feeling great! Thank you Michael!

– Judy
I went to Michael Norris for shoulder pain that started 2-3 month prior. It got so bad, that I couldn’t push a door open with that arm, or even use it to drive. I think it was an exercise injury, but I’m stubborn, so kept exercising. I was referred to Michael by my friend, who said he helped with her shoulder pain immediately through acupuncture. I had the same experience! My shoulder pain improved 100% on my first visit with him, in his office, while doing acupuncture. He is highly skilled and knowledgeable not only with acupuncture, but oriental medicine as well. I had liver damage in a car accident many years ago, circulation issues for many years, cold intolerance, and insomnia. He took his time to discuss all of these issues with me, and the oriental herbs that help with them. I just started taking them yesterday. It’s easy to see that Michael is very passionate about his work, loves what he does, and really enjoys helping people live a healthier and pain free life.

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I have been seeing Michael for about 18 months due to symptoms from a hysterectomy (anxiety, depression, fatigue, hot flashes, stress, panic attacks) and severe skin breakouts. I was on medication for cholesterol, anxiety, depression, and had taken Acutane for the adult acne. The skin breakouts continued and the other medications were causing my blood pressure and sugar to increase. My doctor wanted to put me on more medication to treat the blood pressure and sugar.
Within 3 weeks of working with Michael, my symptoms were improving. Michael uses a whole system approach; mind, body, spirit; to heal. With his help, I stopped taking all medication and used the combination of acupuncture, food, exercise, vitamins, and Chinese herbs. My symptoms have improved; lower cholesterol, controlled anxiety/depression, and blood pressure and sugar were back to normal. My doctor was amazed at and happy with my improvement.

Unfortunately, I am moving out of state and will miss his acupuncture treatments. He has offered to be available to consult when I find a new practitioner.

– K.T., Knoxville, TN
Finally! Hot flashes that are under control.

I was taken off HRT two years ago, cold turkey. Since then I have suffered with frequent hot flashes day and night. I was turning down the furnace in the winter and in the summer the house was as cold as a meat locker. My poor husband was turning blue from the cold. I found Michael through a referral and started seeing him twice a week for three months. Finally I was able to go once a week and now I am going every two weeks. Life has improved 100% because of the medicine and caring that he has shown me. I would recommend him to anyone that is having this problem, just be patient because it takes time to readjust the body.

– Darlene
A few years back, I had same day sinus surgery. The Knoxville group accidentally punctured a hole in my skull and serious consequences came after that. Needless to say, I still had sinus problems. Recently, I have had TN- Trigeminal neuralgia. This has been the most pain I have endured. After a MRI ruled out any tumor or artery problem, I was placed on seizure medicine and hydrocodone for pain. My options were to have surgery with the possible cutting of the nerves.NOT This Time! In August 2011 a friend recommended Deep River Wellness Center- Michael Norris. I started out 3 days a week and am now down to one day a week. Michael has treated me for sinus and Tn. After being on Chinese medicine and acupuncture since August, my pain has gone away. I have stopped using western medication for Tn and sinus problems. For the first time in a long time, I am pain free and feel 100% better. If you are having any health issues, I would seek medical attention and rule out any life threatening consequences and then go have a consult with Michael Norris. I hope that he can provide you with the relief that I feel I would never would have obtained otherwise.

– M.W., Knoxville, TN
Michael Norris has been helping me with several health issues. Along with acupuncture, he has recommended books, herbs and given me good advice for better health both physically and mentally. My first visit was a very calming experience and each time is just as refreshing as well as healing. I have recommended him to several of my friends and will continue to do so.

– B.N., Knoxville, TN
I have Dermatomyositis, a rare autoimmune disease that affects 1 out of 100,000 people. It attacks my skin and all muscles in my body, including organs such as the heart and lungs. There was a period I could barely swallow my food. At other times I couldn't lift my arms to comb my hair, dress or pull up in bed. It is a horrible illness with no cure and causes death eventually. My doctor gave me strong drugs that caused severe allergic reactions and did nothing to help the illness. The last drug taken was a chemo drug. It attacked all fast growing cells in my body and doesn't pick and choose the ones harming me. I could no longer tolerate what it was doing to me and stopped all conventional drugs. I decided I wanted to try something less toxic to see what would happen. I had nothing to lose. I went to see Michael Norris at Deep River Wellness Center. We didn't really discuss what I was told about my illness, he wanted to know what I experienced with having it. From there he treated me with natural medicines according to the symptoms I was experiencing. I didn't know if it would work or what to expect. The first week of taking it, the itching eased up and by the second week it was gone. Then each week I kept seeing improvement with my face, neck, chest and arms. My skin was no longer red. I have some on my hands and even it is getting better. There has been no reoccurrence of muscle issues either and no side effects of any kind. I feel like I am getting my life back again! I know I still have the illness, but I am hopeful that this is going to go away, which I never felt that way before! When my doctor saw me after two months of taking Michaels medicine, he was shocked at my appearance. I go again in March and am anxious about what my blood work shows about my levels. Everyone that knows me sees the difference. With diet and the natural meds I am taking, I am feeling so much better. Thinking of how I had no relief with so many complications on conventional medicine, makes me sad that I endured so much for so long before trying Chinese Medicine.

– P. Wilson
I went to Michael Norris at Deep River Wellness Center for a dry scalp issue, which was basically psoriasis of the scalp. I had been to countless medical doctors seeking help for this issue. Each and every time I was given prescriptions for shampoos, oils, and ointments. Many times these different medications were effective in the beginning. However, after a short time the condition would return.

I was terribly disappointed that nothing I tried had ever worked long term. It seemed that every Doctor was treating the symptoms and not the underlying cause of the condition. I decided to pay Michael a visit. He had helped me years ago with another ailment and I had wonderful results.

Michael Norris has turned my condition completely around. For the first time in years, my scalp is normal. He told me on the first visit that he could help me using a combination of herbs, adjustments in my food choices, and weekly visits for acupuncture for a few months. I cannot thank him enough for helping me with this.

I'm from out of state and would not consider making the trips to see him if I was not convinced he is the BEST! Michael Norris is a true professional and shows such compassion for his patients. I highly recommend Deep River Wellness Center.

– G.F. from Kentucky
I've been struggling with hypothyroidism (low functioning thyroid) and adrenal gland dysfunctionfor about a year and a half. Then about 6 months ago my functional medical doctor tested my hormones and found that all of my female hormones were very low.

This is a combination that makes you, tired, anxious, stressed, exhausted, unable to sleep, brain fog, and high anxiety. I saw 3 functional medical doctors and a naturopathic doctor. I also had elevated liver enzymes ( I don't drink). They all scratched their head and told me I was not the typical patient because I was lean, exercised 6 days a week, and ate very clean. No one was able to help me because I cannot tolerate any kind of hormone replacement and I couldn't tolerate most thyroid medicine.

Michael started treating me three months ago, twice a week with a couple of different types of acupuncture approaches to address the symptoms I described.
He ALWAYS listened to what I described at each visit and would treat me accordingly. Because I am so sensitive to so many supplements, herbs and medicine, he treated me with acupuncture alone.

My functional doctor just tested me again and I'm thrilled to say my liver enzymes are normal and my female hormones are now in the normal range. More importantly, I feel so much better. I'm grateful that I have had improvement.

I'm also grateful for a professional who listened and continued to provide me with the acupuncture that was best for ME! I'm so happy to feel like me again!!!! I will continue on this path with Michael with a smile on my face and a lot of gratitude!!

- Lisa B.